Open Source Rollup for Week #26

27 June 2014

Yet another great week of open source hacking here at Lookout, and fortunately another week where we’ve open sourced more projects!

A while back we introduced FactoryJS, in the same vein of work we’ve now open sourced Oraculum, a set of Factory-driven Backbone.js behaviors based on Chaplin.

From the README:

Though a large portion of Oraculum’s behavior is inherited from Chaplin, Oraculum employs a signficiantly different strategy surrounding the issues of inheritance, structure, and coupling. Applications built with Oraculum take full advantage of the aspect-oriented programming and composition paradigms offered by FactoryJS. The purpose of this project is to collect abstract, reusable behaviors into a framework that can be used by anyone building complex applications with Backbone.

We also open sourced Spongebob, a tool to diff nmap runs.

Last week we mentioned that ngx_borderpatrol was in the process of learning how to talk to statsd. After a solid round of discussion and review on this pull request, support for statsd tracking of login successes and failures has been merged.

This week’s raw numbers: