Join Lookout at JRubyConf EU 2014!

01 July 2014

Regular readers might have the impression that Lookout uses JRuby quite a bit. Turns out we do! JRuby Cardinal As big fans of JRuby we’ve also submitted a talk to this year’s JRubyConf EU to discuss some of our most recent work with JRuby, Storm and Kafka.

Our talk is titled: Building a scalable messaging fabric with JRuby and Storm and will be given by R. Tyler Croy and Ian Smith.

The abstract is as follows:

As Lookout has grown the number of backend Ruby services the need for reliable, asynchronous service-to-service messaging has gone from “nice to have” to “absolute requirement.”

Our first attempts included some names you may be familiar with: ActiveMQ, Resque, Redis, and Sidekiq. As our infrastructure grew, we found we were reinventing many of the concepts “Storm,” an open source real-time computation/stream-processing system, was specifically designed to handle such as message routing, durability, streaming from multiple inputs, delivering to multiple outputs, etc.

In this talk we’ll cover how we built a scalable service-to-service messaging fabric on top of Storm and Kafka, with JRuby playing a starring role.

JRubyConf EU will be held as part of Eurucamp on August 1st in Potsdam, southwest of Berlin. Please join us to talk about Ruby, JRuby, Lookout, mobile security and scalable systems!