Open Source Rollup for Week #30

25 July 2014

The last full week in July has been quite a busy one here at Lookout. Despite a number of engineers on, or preparing for, vacations there was still quite a bit of open source hacking going on according to GitHub. Most of the development this week was focused on some projects regular readers may be familiar with: Oraculum and Border Patrol. In addition to those two projects we had minor changes going into pipefish (a small utility that writes the results of a SQL statement to HDFS) and FactoryJS (a JavaScript tool for standardizing object definition and retrieval in various systems).

For the Oraculum project, this week saw some minor bug fixes and contributions which resulted in a 0.0.2 release. The full diff set can be viewed here on GitHub

Meanwhile ngx_borderpatrol there’s been continued work on merging LuaJIT into the codebase. One commit was merged but promptly reverted after finding some issues with it after the merge, whoops!

New repositories

While not necessarily completely new, we pulled Hermann, a Ruby gem wrapping the librdkafka library as a C extension. under the Lookout organization. The Hermann gem wraps librdkafka to provide MRI-based Ruby projects producer and consumer access to Kafka. This differs from poseidon, another Ruby gem that connects to Kafka, in that Hermann doesn’t implement or do any heavy-lifting to talk to Kafka but rather relies on the C library.

The raw numbers: