Join Lookout at Grace Hopper Conference 2014!

30 September 2014

Lookout is attending this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. We’re equally thrilled to share that we’re also speaking about our recent work on improving privacy and security on the internet. I’d like to highlight the speakers, their talks, and their thoughts on GHC 2014.

Jing Xie
Jing Xie, Security Analyst

When Android Apps Go Evil: An Overview of Mobile Malware Analysis will be presented by Jing Xie, Security Analyst

Talk abstract

Mobile devices, such as smartphones, have become a necessity for people. Convenience and prevalence of mobile devices leads to a massive build up of personal information on them. This inevitably attracts the attention of malicious actors. Popular mobile platforms such as Android provide an open, unrestricted playground for anyone to develop applications, benign or malicious, thus, exposing users to the risk of malware attacks. In this talk, I will take a look at a real world Android malware and the process involved in tearing it down. I will also give a brief description of how organized crime rings function to profit through Android malware. Finally, I’ll share the insights learned while analyzing large amounts of malicious apps.

Jing, what’s the big takeaway from your talk?

Malware analysis and reverse engineering is a niche industry. The skills required are rarely taught at school making it a difficult industry to break into, especially for women. The goal of my talk is to explain why malware analysis is interesting and how to acquire those skills. I hope the audience leaves with an understanding that malware is a real problem, and that the industry needs more practitioners to defend us from malicious hackers.

What are you most looking forward to about Grace Hopper Conference this year?

I first attended GHC while I was in graduate school through their gracious sponsorship. I have continued to rely on the valuable life lessons learned from other women in technology and have become inspired to contribute back to the community. I am looking forward to meeting more passionate and successful women at GHC and making a difference in the community.

Jing Xie is a Security Analyst at Lookout. In 2011, Jing was a recipient of the Grace Hopper Celebration Conference Scholarship. Jing’s talk is scheduled at 12:00PM on Thursday in the Security & Privacy track.

Stephanie Shupe
Stephanie Shupe, Software Engineer

Scaling Mobile Development will be presented by Stephanie Shupe, Software Engineer

Talk abstract

You’ve built a mobile app and placed it in the market. Now it’s a hit. Your sweat and coding chops have gotten you this far, but you now need to scale development. What tools and processes could you use to take it to the next level as the engineering team grows? This talk will highlight Lookout’s mobile development tools and processes as an example of how to scale mobile apps.

Stephanie, what are you most looking forward to about Grace Hopper Conference this year?

Last year was my first time attending Grace Hopper Conference and I had no idea what to expect. I was pleased to find that I gained energy and inspiration during the conference that resonated to my professional and personal life for an entire year. It was such a unique experience to be surrounded with wonderful women in tech, and I can’t wait to attend again because I know it will rejuvenate me and energize me to excel in my career for the next year. On top of that, I have the honor to speak and potentially inspire other women to reach for new heights in their careers and personal lives. It will be my very first conference talk, and I could not be more excited for the opportunity.

Stephanie is a Software Engineer at Lookout, where she has focused on the iOS product for two years. She was one of the iOS team’s original core members and has first-hand experience on how to scale an app into a sustainable product. Stephanie’s talk is scheduled at 12:00PM on Friday in the Mobile & Agile track.

Morgan Eisler
Morgan Eisler, UX Researcher

Using Short Form Privacy Policies by Morgan Eisler, UX Researcher

Talk abstract

Do you understand privacy policies? Do your users? How about being more transparent with users, and increasing their trust in your product? Lookout created, user tested, and open sourced the code for a user-friendly, short form privacy policy based on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s guidelines. Hear insights and explore Lookout’s toolkit “Private Parts” and a few other solutions for creating your own usable, comprehensible short form privacy policy.

Morgan, what is the big takeaway from your talk?

Privacy policies and informed consent are an imperfect system for online businesses, services, and apps. Data breaches affect everyone from Target to Yo!, and users can be unpleasantly surprised. You can improve your own transparency and inspire trust in your users by implementing a more comprehensible and user-friendly short form privacy policy, and there are several open source tools to help you do it relatively easily.

What are you most looking forward to about Grace Hopper Conference this year?

Just going! I have never been before, and I am excited to learn and be inspired.

Morgan is a UX Researcher at Lookout, where she uses her understanding of research and organizational behavior to facilitate empathy for users and to generate insights that drive both positive product experiences and business goals. Morgan’s talk is scheduled at 5:15PM on Thursday in the Security & Privacy track.

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) conference will be held on October 8th in Phoenix, Arizona. Please join us to talk about security, mobile development, and the design of amazing mobile products.

- Marc Chung