Lookout at FOSDEM 2015

06 January 2015

Every year, thousands of open source hackers and enthusiasts flock to Brussels in Belgium for FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting. In short, FOSDEM is a place for thousands of self-organizing and passionate open source hackers to share code, tools and ideas while ingesting thousands of liters of Club-Mate and beer.

For the past few years I have personally been involved in organizing the “Testing and Automation” devroom, which will be on the schedule again this year. Never satisfied with a relaxing day at FOSDEM, this year I’m also helping to organize the first Ruby devroom at FOSDEM (disclaimer: there was a Ruby + Rails devroom from 2008-2010).

As Lookout is getting more involved in JRuby, I’m happy to say that both Christian Meier and myself will be in attendance for the entirety of the event.

I’m personally very excited that Lookout is going to be present for the second consecutive year at FOSDEM and that the conference continues to have an incredible amount of great technical content.

If you’re going to be at FOSDEM and are interested in meeting up and talking about Lookout, Ruby, Test/Automation or how stinkin’ cold it is outside, ping me or @LookoutEng on Twitter.

Hope to see you there!